Morea and Tallagiera

13 October 2011

In the morning we searched an area around Morea in western Victoria and there were a few interesting orchids about, notably this interesting Caladenia/Arachnorchis tentaculata, which might even be a hybrid with a white spider so because of this we continued to search around the same area in the afternoon. Also of interest was this Sun-orchid (Thelymita sp), a named hybrid between T. ixioides and T. pauciflora, both of which were about.

After the main search some of us went further west to Tallagiera where there were some interesting orchids, including this variegated sun-orchid — at first it looked like the flower had been damaged and wilted but all the flowers looked like this, including the buds that hadn't fully opened.

image/jpegdamselfly Ischnura aurora LittleDesert110113-8233.jpg i13-Oct-2011 07:58  27.9 KB 480×640
image/jpegflower Pimelea sp LittleDesert110113-8247.jpg i13-Oct-2011 09:03  34.5 KB 704×592
image/jpegorchid Arachnorchis fulva Tallageira111013-8484.jpg i13-Oct-2011 16:42  68.2 KB 768×1136
image/jpegorchid Arachnorchis tentaculata Morea110113-8330.jpg i13-Oct-2011 12:37  63.5 KB 720×1024
image/jpegorchid Microtis sp Tallageira111013-8432.jpg i13-Oct-2011 16:23  71.5 KB 960×768
image/jpegorchid Oligochaetochilus aciculiformis Tallageira111013-8405.jpg i13-Oct-2011 16:07  40.6 KB 528×768
image/jpegorchid Oligochaetochilus aciculiformis Tallageira111013-8411.jpg i13-Oct-2011 16:09  59 KB 720×656
image/jpegorchid Petalochilus ornatus Morea110113-8308.jpg i13-Oct-2011 12:23  43.4 KB 800×640
image/jpegorchid Prasophyllum sp 'Gum Lagoon' Tallageira111013-8404.jpg i13-Oct-2011 16:06  56.3 KB 768×960
image/jpegorchid Thelymitra antennifera Morea110113-8290.jpg i13-Oct-2011 12:17  30.5 KB 672×592
image/jpegorchid Thelymitra rubra Morea110113-8277.jpg i13-Oct-2011 12:00  42 KB 720×880
image/jpegorchid Thelymitra sp Tallageira111013-8440.jpg i13-Oct-2011 16:25  41.4 KB 720×720
image/jpegorchid Thelymitra sp Tallageira111013-8459.jpg i13-Oct-2011 16:34  40.3 KB 800×640
image/jpegorchid Thelymitra Xtruncata Morea110113-8354.jpg i13-Oct-2011 13:03  25.5 KB 688×560

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