Flowers in the Dandenongs

24 September 2011

Another weeding day (have to do something constructive with my otherwise destructive life).

First off was Baluk Willam where we at first walked up through the reserve and didn't find many weeds (on the return along the roadside there were numerous weeds — I worked on a fair bit of Broom). We did however find a Goodia lotifolia (Golden Tips), which hasn't previously been seen in the reserve. It is a species native in the region but perhaps not originally in this reserve.

In the afternoon it was Sherbrooke Forest's turn and we were tackling a patch of Pilea cadierei (Aluminium Plant). During this time one of the members told me about some bird-orchids that were out but there was some confusion as to what they actually were.

Firstly, this is what I would call a fairly typical Chiloglottis/Simpliglottis valida (Common Bird-Orchid). Second, this one is a smaller flower with a different calli arrangement; and thirdly is this smaller one with thicker calli, possibly a hybrid between valida and cornuta. For the record I've also included a photo from Baluk Willam that has a different calli arrangement again but I would call valida (plus there are no cornuta nearby).

image/jpegorchid Caladenia catenata BalukWillam110924-6574.jpg i24-Sep-2011 08:50  34.9 KB 736×592
image/jpegorchid Chiloglottis sp Sherbrooke110924-6631.jpg i24-Sep-2011 17:21  40.4 KB 640×560
image/jpegorchid Chiloglottis sp Sherbrooke110924-6645.jpg i24-Sep-2011 17:28  32.3 KB 720×608
image/jpegorchid Chiloglottis valida BalukWillam110924-6600.jpg i24-Sep-2011 11:21  39.6 KB 672×560
image/jpegorchid Chiloglottis valida BalukWillam110924-6606.jpg i24-Sep-2011 11:25  77.7 KB 720×496
image/jpegorchid Chiloglottis valida Sherbrooke110924-6653.jpg i24-Sep-2011 17:40  38.9 KB 720×608
image/jpegorchid Diuris orientis BalukWillam110924-6583.jpg i24-Sep-2011 08:56  38.8 KB 960×720
image/jpegpea Goodia lotifolia BalukWillam110924-6592.jpg i24-Sep-2011 10:42  33.7 KB 512×768
image/jpegweed Pilea cadierei Kallista110924-6614.jpg i24-Sep-2011 13:50  44.3 KB 720×512
image/jpegweed Vinca minor BalukWillam110924-6612.jpg i24-Sep-2011 12:06  37.5 KB 688×544

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