Butterfield Reserve Orchids

13 September 2011

Managed to get to Butterfield Reserve in the morning before work — wanted to check out the helmet-orchids there. Fewer flowers than last year and, as it turned out, the only flower I took a decent photo of was damaged! :)

image/jpegorchid Corysanthes diemenica Butterfield110913-6172.jpg i13-Sep-2011 08:07 107 KB 960×800
image/jpegorchid Corysanthes diemenica Butterfield110913-6181.jpg i13-Sep-2011 08:10  81.7 KB 960×720
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis alpina Butterfield110913-6190.jpg i13-Sep-2011 08:19  29.1 KB 800×608

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