Wilsons Promontory

10 July 2011

Got a tip so made a late decision to return to the Prom to see the double-headed Pelicans orchid Anzybas unguiculatus I found over a month ago. I was surprised to hear it was in excellent condition considering about three weeks ago the first flower looked like it was fading just as the second flower was nearly ready. When I got there I found my original double-header had long since withered away but only a few centimetres away another had taken its place! What are the odds of such a rarity striking twice.

image/jpegflooded track Prom110710-3951.jpg i10-Jul-2011 12:40  86.9 KB 640×480
image/jpegfungus Tremella mesenterica Prom110710-3989.jpg i10-Jul-2011 13:44  61.1 KB 800×544
image/jpegorchid Anzybas unguiculatus Prom110710-3980.jpg i10-Jul-2011 13:12 119 KB 960×720
image/jpegorchid Corysanthes incurva Prom110710-4007.jpg i10-Jul-2011 14:00 115 KB 1024×720
image/jpegorchid Corysanthes incurva Prom110710-4020.jpg i10-Jul-2011 14:14 109 KB 768×640

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