Baluk Willam Winter Orchids

28 June 2011

Nice weather greeted us for a winter orchid hunt in Belgrave south. Early this year was one colony of Small Gnat-orchids Cyrtostylis reniformis — two other colonies in the reserve had barely visible buds. Also flowering was a very late Small Tongue-orchid Cryptostylis leptochila — its last flowers will still be open in early July.

image/jpegorchid Anzybas unguiculatus BalukWillam110628-2997.jpg i28-Jun-2011 12:28  74.1 KB 960×688
image/jpegorchid Corysanthes diemenica BalukWillam110628-2979.jpg i28-Jun-2011 11:13 105 KB 800×640
image/jpegorchid Cryptostylis leptochila BalukWillam110628-3004.jpg i28-Jun-2011 13:31  56.6 KB 960×800
image/jpegorchid Cyrtostylis reniformis BalukWillam110628-2964.jpg i28-Jun-2011 11:02  46.5 KB 800×640
image/jpegorchid Diplodium grandiflorum BalukWillam110628-2989.jpg i28-Jun-2011 12:04  53.9 KB 768×1024

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