Some Orchids

10 June 2011

First up checked out a new site for Spurred Helmet-orchids Corybas aconitiflorus and Pelicans Anzybas unguiculatus (not yet in flower) in Macclesfield.

Next stop was Warrandyte where we were looking for some Fringed Helmet-orchids Corysanthes fimbriata/Corybas fimbriatus. Unfortunately it looks like the slugs or something had been nibbling at most of them.

Final stop was St Helena where we spent time waiting for the breeze to mellow so we could photograph some Emerald-lip Greenhood Bunochilus/ Pterostylis smaragdyna.

image/jpegfungus Mycena sp StHelena110610-1869.jpg i10-Jun-2011 14:18  87.7 KB 768×800
image/jpegorchid Bunochilus smaragdyna StHelena110610-1831.jpg i10-Jun-2011 13:43  55.9 KB 880×640
image/jpegorchid Bunochilus smaragdyna StHelena110610-1837.jpg i10-Jun-2011 13:48  35.6 KB 640×640
image/jpegorchid Corybas aconitiflorus Macclesfield110610-1790.jpg i10-Jun-2011 10:11  58.7 KB 800×608
image/jpegorchid Corybas aconitiflorus Macclesfield110610-1792.jpg i10-Jun-2011 10:18  44.1 KB 768×560
image/jpegorchid Corysanthes fimbriata Warrandyte110610-1805.jpg i10-Jun-2011 11:56  98 KB 576×640
image/jpegorchid Taurantha concinna Warrandyte110610-1860.jpg i10-Jun-2011 14:08  36.5 KB 720×640

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