Wilsons Promontory Flora

26 May 2011

An autumn trip to The Prom is not something I have done much and we went to search for orchids. And search we did, a lot of it. We hadn't done our research properly as only when we arrived did we realize the bottom half of the national park was closed because of severe flood damage two months ago (see this ABC article). Apart from that we had success seeing about 5 orchid species in flower, including an Anzybas unguiculatus with a rare second bud.

A little bit of fungus was also encountered, including an unidentified bright red Hygrocybe species and an olive Entoloma species, which I think is Entoloma rodwayi.

About the only other wildflowers in bloom were Correas. There was the bright red of this variety of Correa reflexa and also the quite different white flowers of Correa alba. Because of my surprise upon sighting the latter I was asked if they were rare — the answer to which was "not particularly, its just that I haven't seen them often". Researching this when I got home I learned they are predominantly a coastal species.