3 April 2011
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Returned to where I'd seen Austrogomphus amphiclitus for the first time the afternoon prior in the hope that I'd see another one and get some better photos. I saw numerous dragonflies but not what I was looking for until right near the end. But what I at first thought was the same species was in fact another new species for me: Twin-spot Hunter Austrogomphus melaleucae.

Later I waded around a swamp near Emmaville for ages trying to photograph Common Gliders but I only got poor quality photos as I never got close enough. What made it harder was I had to keep moving in the swamp as it harboured leeches so if I stood still for a minute the little suckers would come biting!

image/jpegAustroepigomphus praeruptus Severn110403-4163.jpg i03-Apr-2011 10:39  37.7 KB 880×560
image/jpegAustroepigomphus praeruptus Severn110403-4184.jpg i03-Apr-2011 10:42  50.3 KB 1024×736
image/jpegAustroepigomphus praeruptus Severn110403-4187.jpg i03-Apr-2011 10:43  53.4 KB 832×640
image/jpegflower Philydrum lanuginosum Emmaville110403-4262.jpg i03-Apr-2011 11:40  19.5 KB 560×432
image/jpegHemigomphus heteroclytus Severn110403-4116.jpg i03-Apr-2011 10:24  66.7 KB 1120×656
image/jpegOrthetrum caledonicum Emmaville110403-4302.jpg i03-Apr-2011 12:11 111 KB 800×640
image/jpegPseudagrion aureofrons Severn110403-4196.jpg i03-Apr-2011 10:50  54.7 KB 800×480

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