31 March 2011
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First stop was in Eumungerie State Forest where I finally got closeish to some Common Gliders Tramea loewii. I wasn't able to get as good shots as I'd hoped but close enough to see unusual things stuck on the bottom of one of them — there appear to be eggs (or something) attached to the underside of the thorax of this dragonfly. It was still behaving normally so it probably wasn't bothered by whatever it was.

Up the road at Gilgandra I saw a Unicorn Hunter Austrogomphus cornutus, a species I had only seen for the first time a few weeks ago. At the river there were also many small carp feeding in the shallows — they probably made it there during the floods but the water seems like its drying up too much for them now.

image/jpegAustrogomphus cornutus Gilgandra110331-3412.jpg i31-Mar-2011 13:01 130 KB 880×624
image/jpegBelenois java Eumungerie110331-3376.jpg i31-Mar-2011 11:54  60.3 KB 800×608
image/jpegCarp Gilgandra110331-3442.jpg i31-Mar-2011 13:25  60.3 KB 768×480
image/jpegHemicordula tau Eumungerie110331-3324.jpg i31-Mar-2011 11:29  78 KB 960×768
image/jpegLitoria sp Eumungerie110331-3251.jpg i31-Mar-2011 11:04  73.3 KB 768×560
image/jpegLitoria sp Eumungerie110331-3264.jpg i31-Mar-2011 11:12  93.9 KB 640×480
image/jpegTramea loewii Eumungerie110331-3234.jpg i31-Mar-2011 10:56  43.6 KB 768×496
image/jpegTramea loewii Eumungerie110331-3301.jpg i31-Mar-2011 11:22  35.4 KB 880×640

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