Western Victoria Day 3

20 March 2011

I spent the morning exploring Jilpinger Nature Conservation Reserve — lots of nice orchid habitat and some swamps I have to check out in late spring for dragonflies. Trying to get out (a different way than I got in) I got bogged in sand for about 20 minutes. It was around a corner and up an incline and the sand was deep and dry and I failed to get around in two attempts so it was time to try another route.

While at a swamp near Edenhope in the afternoon I saw lots of common odonata, including Ischnura aurora. They were an integral part of the food chain as I observed one cannibalising a newly emerged one and another being caught in flight and predated on by Ischnura heterosticta.

Since they formed a memorable part of my trip I also photographed a locust. I drove through several swarms and ended up killing quite a few that I subsequently had to extract from my grill.

image/jpegbogged Jilpanger110320-2964.jpg i20-Mar-2011 11:13  42.4 KB 720×464
image/jpegIschnura aurora Edenhope110320-3019.jpg i20-Mar-2011 13:48  44.3 KB 880×640
image/jpegIschnura aurora Edenhope110320-3031.jpg i20-Mar-2011 13:56  53 KB 576×720
image/jpegIschnura aurora Edenhope110320-3060.jpg i20-Mar-2011 14:16  36.8 KB 880×560
image/jpegIschnura heterosticta Edenhope110320-3085.jpg i20-Mar-2011 14:24  28.7 KB 656×464
image/jpeglocust Edenhope110320-3090.jpg i20-Mar-2011 14:36  75.3 KB 720×480
image/jpegRed Gum Jilpanger110320-2873.jpg i20-Mar-2011 09:33  54.3 KB 640×480
image/jpegswamp Edenhope110320-3013.jpg i20-Mar-2011 13:43 169 KB 1680×400
image/jpegswamp Jilpanger110320-2947.jpg i20-Mar-2011 10:41  75.3 KB 704×480

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