Western Victoria Day 1

18 March 2011

I had originally planned to go to east Gippsland this weekend but as the days approached the forecast kept on getting worse (with regards to my dragonfly hunting plans) so I decided to go west where the forecast was for mid-twenties on a couple of days.

I camped overnight at Langi Ghiran State Park, somewhere I've often driven bye on my way to the more famous Grampians. This park has reasonably nice areas but the upper forests are too similar to my local forests for me to make a specific trip there.

When I got to the Grampians it was pretty much all closed due to significant flood damage — having decided late to travel here I had not done my homework. I spent a little time in Halls Gap to photograph the cute locals before heading around the west side to check out some swamps. Late in the day I managed to see several Spiranthes australis orchids still in flower as well as a lot of Eriochilus cucullatus orchids.

image/jpegAustrolestes analis Grampians110318-2436.jpg i18-Mar-2011 18:05  48.4 KB 880×640
image/jpegbutterfly Grampians110318-2460.jpg i18-Mar-2011 18:20  41 KB 640×576
image/jpegdaisy Grampians110318-2447.jpg i18-Mar-2011 18:18  31.7 KB 736×512
image/jpegdaisy Grampians110318-2448.jpg i18-Mar-2011 18:19  32.2 KB 720×560
image/jpegDiplacodes bipunctata Grampians110318-2489.jpg i18-Mar-2011 19:33  66.5 KB 864×896
image/jpegEmus Grampians110318-2388.jpg i18-Mar-2011 15:35  91.6 KB 720×480
image/jpegEriochilus cucullatus Grampians110318-2495.jpg i18-Mar-2011 19:56  24.8 KB 688×608
image/jpegHemicordulia tau LangiGhiran110318-2213.jpg i18-Mar-2011 10:34  68.9 KB 688×512
image/jpegHidden Lagoon LangiGhiran110318-2231.jpg i18-Mar-2011 10:50  56 KB 704×432
image/jpegHopkins River 110318-2255.jpg i18-Mar-2011 11:56  56.2 KB 560×432
image/jpegIschnura aurora Grampians110318-2418.jpg i18-Mar-2011 17:38  27.5 KB 560×576
image/jpegIschnura aurora Grampians110318-2437.jpg i18-Mar-2011 18:13  33.2 KB 800×560
image/jpegMacropus giganteus Grampians110318-2359.jpg i18-Mar-2011 14:43 156 KB 656×768
image/jpegMacropus giganteus Grampians110318-2385.jpg i18-Mar-2011 15:00 104 KB 768×560
image/jpegmoth Thalaina selenaea LangiGhiran110318-2225.jpg i18-Mar-2011 10:45  88.5 KB 672×576
image/jpegmoth Thalaina selenaea LangiGhiran110318-2226.jpg i18-Mar-2011 10:45  67.9 KB 528×688
image/jpegNycticorax caledonicus Illawarra110318-2317.jpg i18-Mar-2011 13:46  70 KB 720×560
image/jpegOrthetrum caledonicum Illawarra110318-2266.jpg i18-Mar-2011 13:07  85.6 KB 720×496
image/jpegPieris rapae Grampians110318-2462.jpg i18-Mar-2011 18:22  73.3 KB 688×592
image/jpegreservoir LangiGhiran110318-2133.jpg i18-Mar-2011 08:49  28.8 KB 722×384
image/jpegSpiranthes australis Grampians110318-2478.jpg i18-Mar-2011 19:22  33.9 KB 496×720
image/jpegtree LangiGhiran110318-2138.jpg i18-Mar-2011 09:16  66.2 KB 720×512

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