Bunyip State Park Dragonflies

14 March 2011

This was a relatively cool but sunny day. I was hoping for some interesting dragonflies but only saw the more common ones so at least tried to get some interesting photos of them but, for some reason I haven't worked out, many of the photos weren't sharp.

Late in the day, as I was returning to the car, a Copperhead snake wanted desparately to cross the track where I was. Initially I didn't have my camera ideally set up for this but by its second attept I got its sticking its nose out of the bushes and I got lots of photos of it crossing the track on its third attept but with too much motion blur. Yet the question remains, why did the snake cross the road?

image/jpegAustrelaps superbus Bunyip110314-2055.jpg i14-Mar-2011 15:43  92.2 KB 624×432
image/jpegAustroagrion watsoni Bunyip110314-1793.jpg i14-Mar-2011 12:46  35.3 KB 768×560
image/jpegAustroagrion watsoni Bunyip110314-1983.jpg i14-Mar-2011 14:52  46 KB 720×624
image/jpegAustroagrion watsoni Bunyip110314-1995.jpg i14-Mar-2011 15:11  41.2 KB 960×608
image/jpegAustrolestes psyche Bunyip110314-1800.jpg i14-Mar-2011 12:58  49.1 KB 960×736
image/jpegCyptotrama aspratum Bunyip110314-2121.jpg i14-Mar-2011 16:14  63.6 KB 640×592
image/jpegDiplacodes bipunctata Bunyip110314-1906.jpg i14-Mar-2011 14:35  39.7 KB 720×480
image/jpegDiplacodes melanopsis Bunyip110314-1932.jpg i14-Mar-2011 14:39  85.6 KB 1024×720
image/jpegfungus Bunyip110314-2123.jpg i14-Mar-2011 16:15 100 KB 848×464
image/jpegHemianax papuensis Bunyip110314-1864.jpg i14-Mar-2011 14:15  77.4 KB 768×784
image/jpegHemianax papuensis Bunyip110314-1875.jpg i14-Mar-2011 14:19  93.3 KB 960×800
image/jpegHemianax papuensis Bunyip110314-1878.jpg i14-Mar-2011 14:20  83.1 KB 720×880
image/jpegHemicordulia australiae Bunyip110314-1852.jpg i14-Mar-2011 13:50  91.7 KB 800×960
image/jpegOrthetrum caledonicum Bunyip110314-1744.jpg i14-Mar-2011 12:01  89 KB 960×720
image/jpegSynthemis eustalacta Bunyip110314-1788.jpg i14-Mar-2011 12:42  43.3 KB 640×544
image/jpegTisiphone abeona Bunyip110314-1701.jpg i14-Mar-2011 11:30  81.6 KB 928×736

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