5 March 2011

For the weekend I went to north-eastern Victoria once more, looking for dragonflies before the season peters out. At Wangaratta, where in late January I saw a new dragonfly (for me), I found several Austrogomphus cornutus (Unicorn Hunter) — another new species for me.

Later in the day I stopped by a creek and possibly saw Hemigomphus heteroclytus (Stout Vicetail). I've thought I've seen these before and I'm not really sure if the ones photographed below are this species either as they are very similar to the Southern Vicetail, which is more common in Victoria.

image/jpegAustrogomphus cornutus Wangaratta110305-0722.jpg i05-Mar-2011 12:07  70.7 KB 1024×560
image/jpegAustrogomphus cornutus Wangaratta110305-0724.jpg i05-Mar-2011 12:08  75.9 KB 800×560
image/jpegAustrogomphus cornutus Wangaratta110305-0825.jpg i05-Mar-2011 13:23  48.3 KB 800×592
image/jpegAustrogomphus cornutus Wangaratta110305-0833.jpg i05-Mar-2011 13:31  43.7 KB 768×512
image/jpegAustrogomphus cornutus Wangaratta110305-0865.jpg i05-Mar-2011 13:51 123 KB 880×640
image/jpegAustrogomphus cornutus Wangaratta110305-0875.jpg i05-Mar-2011 13:52 111 KB 880×576
image/jpegAustrogomphus cornutus Wangaratta110305-0879.jpg i05-Mar-2011 13:53 291 KB 2240×1024
image/jpegAustrolestes leda Wangaratta110305-0760.jpg i05-Mar-2011 12:16  23 KB 640×480
image/jpegbeetle MtBuffalo110305-1008.jpg i05-Mar-2011 16:56  50.7 KB 800×512
image/jpegEurobin Falls MtBuffalo110305-1034.jpg i05-Mar-2011 18:26  91.7 KB 768×512
image/jpegHemigomphus heteroclytus Everton110305-0902.jpg i05-Mar-2011 14:49  55.5 KB 688×640
image/jpegHemigomphus heteroclytus Everton110305-0915.jpg i05-Mar-2011 15:00  56 KB 1024×640
image/jpegOrthetrum caledonicum Wangaratta110305-0886.jpg i05-Mar-2011 13:54  76.1 KB 880×736

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