Gippsland Day 3 - Wonnangatta River

12 February 2011
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I left Mitchell River late in the morning after some heavy drizzle periods. The insects were now few though as the morning progressed the cloud thinned and it got quite humid again. By the time I stopped for lunch half way to Dargo the sun made regular appearances and the dragonflies got busy. I managed to see a pair of Fiery Skimmers Orthetrum villosovittatum in little more than a puddle beside a flowing creek but I guess that is what they like. Perhaps no fish in the puddle but I got leeched good between the toes and was dripping blood for hours! :(

I eventually made it up the beautiful Wonnangatta valley. The Wonnangatta River is a fairly large, rocky river and is fairly consistent for the long stretch from the Moroka Junction to the Mitchell River as there are only minor trickles that flow in.

In the evening near my campsite I found a really cool spot on the river where a variety of uncommon dragonflies were about — possibly even a new species for me — but I was unable to get good photos of most of them as the river is too big to wade around in much.

image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna unicornis Wonnangatta110211-0024.jpg i11-Feb-2011 16:38  61.7 KB 688×480
image/jpegdragonfly Orthetrum villosovittatum Dargo110211-9877.jpg i11-Feb-2011 12:34  53.7 KB 880×640
image/jpegdragonfly Orthetrum villosovittatum Dargo110211-9893.jpg i11-Feb-2011 12:49  81.4 KB 1024×720
image/jpegdragonfly Synthemis eustalacta Wonnangatta110211-0041.jpg i11-Feb-2011 17:01  75.4 KB 960×720
image/jpegmoss Mitchell110211-9794.jpg i11-Feb-2011 09:10 137 KB 1024×768
image/jpegscene Mitchell110211-9786.jpg i11-Feb-2011 08:56  45.2 KB 688×480
image/jpegscene Wonnangatta110211-9946.jpg i11-Feb-2011 14:19  50.4 KB 720×480

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