Baluk Willam

8 September 2010

Quite a pleasant, if a little crisp morning in-between rainy days so I decided not to go to work and do some orchid-chasing instead.

I first visited Sherbrooke Forest and saw that the helmet orchids were still doing quite well. I even found some on the ground for a change — I actually suspect they might regularly be hiding on the ground under Mothershield Fern.

I then headed down the hill and found myself wandering around the yellow wattles of Baluk Willam Reserve. I saw numerous orchids but only two Wine-lipped Spider Orchids were out. Brown Beaks, Wallflower and Blue Fingers and White Fingers were in bud and still a week or two away.

The echidnas have also been busy in the reserve, digging holes industriously. Photographed is a complete Tiny Greenhood showing its fresh and old tubers, which I subsequently replanted after taking this photo.

    Orchids in Flower Today
  1. Wine-Lipped Spider-Orchid Arachnorchis oenochila
  2. Tall Black-Stripe Greenhood Bunochilus melagrammus
  3. Early Fingers Caladenia praecox
  4. Mountain Helmet-Orchid Corysanthes grumula
  5. Cobra Greenhood Diplodium grandiflorum
  6. Gnat Orchid Cyrtostylis reniformis
  7. Dwarf Greenhood Linguella nana
  8. Mayfly Orchid Nemacianthus caudatus
  9. Mountain Greenhood Pterostylis alpina
  10. Blunt Greenhood Pterostylis curta
  11. Nodding Greenhood Pterostylis nutans
  12. Maroonhood Pterostylis pedunculata