Mt Dandenong

18 July 2010

Clambered around the forest near Mt Dandenong looking for a colony of Helmet-orchids I had seen emerging a couple of weeks prior. Despite taking two GPS points of the colony at the time I still struggled to find them again. When I did I was just in time to see the first flower fully open and several more flowers only days away.

I also found an unusual red, brush-like fungus. I have seen similar small and flat frush-like fungus but never such a comparatively large fruiting body. Nothing like it exists in my fungus books so I've no chance of identifying it.

EDIT: After some searching it turns out the fungus is probably the aerial rhizomorph (comparable to fungus roots) of a red Mycena.

image/jpegCorysanthes diemenica MtDandenong100718-0943.jpg i18-Jul-2010 13:17  78.2 KB 768×640
image/jpegfungus MtDandenong100718-0938.jpg i18-Jul-2010 12:58  99.1 KB 720×640

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