Alps Day 3 - Bogong High Plains

25 January 2010

Haven't been before but wanted to visit the Bogong High Plains for some time. I quite enjoyed my afternoon there, most of which was spent chasing the Alpine Darners, Austroaeschna flavomaculata. These dragonflies were new to me, the second new species this summer.

I spent a lot of time chasing the more visible males, as they tend to congregate at prime locations along alpine streams. They must however have good vision as I found it very difficult to creep up close to them for a nice portrait — either that or they're shy in front of the camera. :) The females are harder to find as they don't hang around the water all day. I was however privileged to watch a female from up close for 20 minutes as she dutifully deposited her eggs into the dirt bank beside the water. After that I sat by the creek enjoying the scenery and a male dragonfly decided my leg would make a good perch!

I also saw quite a lot of Leek-orchids on the Bogong High Plains and have also included some extra scenery photos, which I don't often supply.

image/jpegAustroaeschna flavomaculata ♀ Bogong100125-2014.jpg i25-Jan-2010 17:53  88.4 KB 880×848
image/jpegAustroaeschna flavomaculata ♀ Bogong100125-2037.jpg i25-Jan-2010 17:57  99.6 KB 800×624
image/jpegAustroaeschna flavomaculata ♂ Bogong100125-1961.jpg i25-Jan-2010 16:12  97.6 KB 768×1024
image/jpegAustroaeschna flavomaculata ♂ Bogong100125-2055.jpg i25-Jan-2010 18:16  47.2 KB 576×640
image/jpegAustroaeschna pulchra ♀ Bogong100125-1908.jpg i25-Jan-2010 13:07 167 KB 1200×960
image/jpegAustroaeschna unicornis ♀ Bogong100125-1914.jpg i25-Jan-2010 13:13  93.7 KB 768×600
image/jpegAustroaeschna unicornis ♀ Bogong100125-1919.jpg i25-Jan-2010 13:14 209 KB 1280×960
image/jpegAustrogomphus guerini ♀ Omeo100125-1866.jpg i25-Jan-2010 10:30  62 KB 768×480
image/jpegbird Bogong100125-2079.jpg i25-Jan-2010 19:56  38.9 KB 800×560
image/jpegBogong High Plains 100125-2064.jpg i25-Jan-2010 19:05  48.7 KB 800×480
image/jpegBogong High Plains 100125-2074.jpg i25-Jan-2010 19:22  45.6 KB 640×480
image/jpegBogong High Plains Road 100125-2060.jpg i25-Jan-2010 18:56  59.4 KB 768×560
image/jpegHemigomphus gouldii Bogong100125-1898.jpg i25-Jan-2010 12:53 134 KB 1200×799
image/jpeghill Bogong100125-2068.jpg i25-Jan-2010 19:13  50.7 KB 640×480
image/jpegMitta Mitta River 100125-1899.jpg i25-Jan-2010 13:02  55.4 KB 640×480
image/jpegOmeo100125-1843.JPG i25-Jan-2010 09:19  43.9 KB 768×512
image/jpegPrasophyllum sphacelatum Bogong100125-1973.jpg i25-Jan-2010 17:04  74.4 KB 640×880
image/jpegRocky Valley Storage Bogong100125-2065.jpg i25-Jan-2010 19:10  49.7 KB 640×480

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