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Welcome to my gallery of photos, mostly of nature. If you are looking for something specific the quickest way is probably to enter the name of something in the search box above (that's what its there for — partial names are accepted). My photos are organized chronologically, as I shoot them — if you take more than a few photos this is the only way to manage them easily. To start getting lost in my world, click on the years below.

For quite a few years I've been recording my dragonfly sightings in a spreadsheet. More recently I've been adding records of other species directly in to the ALA, which aggregates records from many sources, such as all the museums across Australia. I post on BowerBird and iNaturalist. This map and link gives access to all my records that are currently on the ALA (over 16,000). map
My Records

Below are sections where I have created information pages for some species.
jewel beetles
For those interested: my home page has a few other things that may not be photography related; I still have (but no longer update that section); Information about my digital cameras.

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